About Me

3x AWS certified technology professional with a nearly ten-year tech career that includes coding in diverse professional roles and personal projects. Deep interest in AWS cloud and DevOps focused opportunities.

Work Experience

  • 2016 - Present

    Robotics Programmer/Engineer, Morryde Intl - Elkhart, IN

    MORryde is a manufacturing fabricator specialized in work for RV manufacturers.

    • Tasked by management to implement and configure Roboguide software to introduce offline robotic programming capabilities that enabled engineers to program robotic coordinates remotely, which lets robotic welders operate at full capacity. Used Sublime Text 3 editor and wrote Karel code.
    • Drew accurate visual 3D models in AutoCAD 3D Inventor for import into WeldPro plugin.

    • Extracted robot data to text editors for parsing and feeding into Roboguide for parts synchronization. Reverse engineered weld fixtures for 3D model builds and prints of past inventory. 
  • 2014 - 2016

    Owner, Oliva Home Buyers LLC - South Bend, IN

    Founded a real estate company to buy, repair, and resell distressed homes.

    • Automated the full home buying process and workflow from lead generation and marketing campaigns through property purchase closing and resale using Zapier, custom Perl scripts, and Podio CRM.
  • 2011 - 2015

    Tack Service/IT Support, Hoosier Racing Tire - Lakeville, In

    Hoosier Racing Tire is a manufacturer of auto tires used for racing worldwide.

    • Provided IT support for the Track Service department which worked remotely at racetracks.
    • Set up, maintained, and troubleshot point of sale and scanning/monitoring systems, supporting all software, printers, scanners, and internet connectivity.


AWS Cloud, S3, EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Cloudformation, SAM, Route53, Git, Github, CI/CD, Atlassian Jira/Confluence, Linux, Ubuntu, HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Yaml, Sinatra, Heroku, bilingual English & Spanish (Fluent in Both)


    AWS Resume Website

  • This site (ORDEProject.com), Which is a serverless website using multiple AWS Services (Cloud Resume Challenge)
  • -Front-End Static S3 website on CloudFront S3 website endpoint to use HTTPS, built with raw HTML/CSS. JS used to make the API call for the site counter. Route53 record sets to redirect to custom url and to use www. address.
  • -Back-End API Gateway triggers the Python Lambda Function to update the atomic counter stored in DynamoDB. These resources were all built using AWS SAM and Cloudformation using templates written in YAML.
  • -CI/CD Pushing a new update into the Github repo, triggers a Github Action (similar to Jenkins). It then runs a Python test on the Lambda Function to test for a "200" response, if it passes, Cloudformation then updates all the resources (S3, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB), and thus delivers this updated website. This is set up for both front-end and back-end github pushes.
  • 3 Tier Wordpress APP

  • Evolving a single instance Wordpress App, to a 3 tier (Front End, App, DB) App using Amazon EFS,RDS MySql, and using Auto-Scaling groups with an Application Load Balancer in front of the instances for load balancing and elasticity.
  • Hybrid Cloud environment

  • Setting up a Hybrid cloud Environment with Site-to-Site VPN connectivity. Did this by simulating the on-prem environment on EC2 instances. Set up VPN connections from AWS endpoints to on-prem Customer Gateways. Created IPsec tunnels for the VPN connections. Set up BGP routing so routes can be exchanged for the Transit Gateway that was used.

Education & certifications

  • 2021

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

  • 2020

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

    AWS Certified Developer Associate

  • 2013

    AAS, Computer Information Systems

    Programmer/Analyst Track, Ivy Tech Comm. College - South Bend, In